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Dr. Arshed Maqbool, a medical doctor by profession, an artist by inspiration, and an entrepreneur by occupation, sums up his works in passionate structure and artistic rendering of the canvas.

Having been blessed with varied shades to his identity, Dr. Maqbool has much to exhibit from his rich and extensive experiences. Following attendance at the college of medicine and surgery out of inspiration in the artistic forms of the human anatomy, he graduated in 1984 as a surgeon and went on to join his father in the book publishing business, where he pioneered the importation of medical books and medical journals in the country, and later founded the country’s most prominent children’s books publishing house, creating some of Pakistan's first collections of beautifully illustrated children's books.

His father had established Maqbool Academy; the country’s iconic publishing house, in 1954 to foster general fiction and classic novels authored by some of the greatest names in Pakistani literature.

The artistic efforts of Dr. Arshed Maqbool toward books have resulted in his publishing house, Maqbool Books, to become an internationally acclaimed and uniquely award-winning children’s books institution.He is currently Pakistan’s singular internationally award-winning children’s books publisher, and has been bestowed upon with a Royal and Presidential recognition for his work.

He has also personally illustrated a recent children's book; The Greedy Sons, in oil, which has been part of an award-winning and internationally bestselling series of children’s books.

Throughout his career, Dr. Maqbool has been an ardent and relentless traveler who has extensively explored hidden and mysterious corners of the world for artistic inspiration. With a remarkably quick eye for fine aesthetics and a lust for travel which later sowed seeds of his art, in the past two decades he travelled through more than 30 fascinating countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Netherlands, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, among other places possessing artistic treasures.

  • The tranquil days
    The tranquil days
    Oil on Canvas, 16" X 19.5"
    $45.00 Buy Now
  • Unbewildered at midday
    Unbewildered at midday
    Oil on Canvas, 23.5" X 18"
    $40.00 Buy Now
  • Calm shades under a wild sun
    Calm shades under a wild sun
    Oil on Canvas, 23.5" X 18"
    $35.00 Buy Now
  • The subtle shades of day
    The subtle shades of day
    Oil on Canvas, 14" X 11"
    $35.00 Buy Now

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